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About Us

Big imaginations. Big possibilities.

Children are natural born explorers; powered by raw curiosity about how things work.

Research shows that by the time children are 3 years of age, 90% of their brain has been developed. In those early years, as well as throughout childhood, supportive relationships and healthy environments where children can play, socialise and explore are critical to brain development and learning. Social skills, language skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, working in a group or a team, flexibility, adaptability, winning and losing - the basic skills we need for success in life - are practiced and refined through play. 

Play builds children's confidence to interact with the world around them and to understand that world and how they function within it.  Play encourages children to test their interests, emotions and ideas, fuels optimism and a sense of community, fosters empathy and promotes a lifetime love of learning.

The sensory pleasure that comes from holding a wooden block, the concentration involved in building that block into a tower and the creativity in turning that tower into a castle fuel a child's enthusiasm for new challenges. 

Inventing games and sharing adventures and stories is fun, no matter what your age. Play bridges generations and provides the perfect excuse to laugh, talk and chill out together. Sharing a craft project, being beaten at your favourite board game and reading the same book to your children that you loved at their age builds wonderful, lasting memories and rich bonds.

At Childplay Toys we believe that exploring, learning and play should be fun.  Fun fosters confidence, resilience and engagement and encourages curious, creative and capable thinkers.  

Whether big or small, we all love to play, so many of the products we stock, especially our range of puzzles and logic games, are also used by and loved by adults, including many older members of our community. 

We are a small, family owned, independent shop. Based in Canberra, we work closely with the children, carers, adults, educators, teachers and professionals who visit us to promote fun and play within the community.  We pride ourselves on our ability to find products that meet our customers' needs and revise our range on a regular basis based on the invaluable feedback and suggestions customers share with us. 

We encourage play within our store and believe that the many wonderful children and adults who visit us are our ultimate toy testers.  We value feedback and suggestions, not just from the grown-ups who let us know how gifts were received and used, but also from the children of all ages who love to tell us what they made, invented or did with the activities from our store. 

We look forward to meeting you and would love for you to become part of our community.  If you live in or are visiting the Canberra area, please drop in to say hello (and when you order online, there is no postage charge if your order is picked up from us). You can also stay in touch with us through our newsletter, email, phone, blog and Facebook page. Unfortunately we can't put everything on our online store, some things are just too fragile, heavy or bulky, so these are great ways to keep across other gift ideas.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. 

Wishing you many happy play days!

x The team at Childplay Toys

PS if you love the photography on our page as much as we do, contact the wonderful, Canberra based Novel Photographic


"The truly great advances of this generation will be made by those who can make outrageous connections and only a mind which knows how to play can do that." - Nagle Jackson

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